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Time passes quickly and with all of our outside commitments, housework can fall off and clutter can build up. The thought of getting organized can feel overwhelming, especially if strong emotions are attached to all of that stuff. Lisa can help you let go and get more organized.

Lisa understands what it’s like to have a house full of clutter. She went through a period of several family members passing away. At the time she was busy raising two young children and selling real estate in a down-turning market. She realized that all of that clutter and chaos was making her stuck and keeping her from healing. Her life was full of anxiety, depression, and back pain. She and her husband spent six months clearing out more than half of their belongings. At the end of their organizing, Lisa felt a sense of lightness and freedom. Her physical symptoms went away. That was more than ten years ago. Since then she has dedicated herself to helping others arrange their homes harmoniously with Feng Shui and free themselves from clutter. She’d love to help you, too!

Lisa offers one-on-one in-home consultations, classes, and coaching. Most in-person sessions are 1-3 hours in duration. In that time, she helps you decide what to keep and what to let go. She also advises on how and where to store things that are still being used. She works with her clients to transform  spaces so that they feel good, function better, and flow more positively. Clients find Lisa to be calming, compassionate, and fun to be around. She is happy to help you get organized, too. Contact her today to get started!

“When my grandfather passed away, I took anything that my Nana was willing to part with. Same thing when my Dad passed. And I saved every single paper, project, and pottery from all three kids. All of this amounted to a full attic, full storage space, and full basement. Lisa has been life changing in my healing process of  de-cluttering and letting go. Letting go is HARD!!! Let Lisa help you!” Monique, Feng Shui Client

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